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Dr. Tory Clark


Doctor of Human Sexuality

Master of Public Health

Certified Clinical Sexologist and Educator

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Intern



I offer a welcoming environment in which to understand and examine your sexuality, relationship issues and concerns.

Multiple dimensions of sexuality affect us throughout our lives. You may find that understanding yourself sexually and your ability to relate well in a sexual relationship difficult to talk about.

Sexual concerns do not exist in a vacuum. They are always connected to other issues within your self and your relationship. Many people who have sexual concerns feel that they may be alone in their challenge.

The good news is that you are not alone. I know how to help you enjoy the exciting benefits of sexual wellness. You will learn to use the tools and skills you already have while developing new, more successful relationship strategies.

I will help you understand and incorporate your eroticisms into your relationship. If you are single, you can learn skills to find a partner and to be able to communicate your desires.

I see men, women, teenagers, and I am open and affirming to all sexual minorities.


Understand and accept your sexuality through the guidance of a sex-positive counselor in a welcoming environment.

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